How to File Your Claim After an Unforeseen Accident

"Promptly report incident details to insurer via call, online portal, or app." Provide details such as the date, time, and location of the incident, as well as a description of what happened. 

Collect all relevant information related to the claim. This includes the names, contact information, and insurance details of all parties involved in the accident, eyewitness accounts, a copy of the police report (if applicable), photos of the damage to your vehicle, and any other pertinent documentation.

Fill out the necessary claim forms provided by your insurance company. Submit all the gathered information and documentation, including the incident report, photos, and any other supporting evidence required by your insurer. This step initiates the official claims process.

After you file the claim, a claims adjuster will be assigned to your case. They will evaluate the damage to your vehicle, review the submitted documents, and possibly visit the location of the incident or inspect your vehicle in person. The adjuster's role is to determine the extent of coverage, assess liability, and estimate the cost of repairs or settlement.