North Carolina's Insurance Point System: What You Need to Know

The points utilized by your insurance provider are determined by accidents, liability claims filed against you, and any other situations where you were held responsible, resulting in your insurance company having to make a payout.

Passing illegally occurs when drivers overtake other vehicles in a manner that violates traffic laws, such as crossing double yellow lines, disregarding no-passing zones, or failing to yield the right-of-way, creating dangerous situations on the road. 2 point effect on driving license 

Passing a stopped school bus violation involves unlawfully overtaking a school bus while it's loading or unloading children, posing significant safety risks. Penalties for this offense typically include fines, license suspension, and potential criminal charges. Point 4 effect on driving license

It's not a guaranteed outcome, but removing points from your driver's license could potentially assist in averting future rate hikes.